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Transformational Coaching
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About Me

Welcome to Big Life Wellness! My name is Angela Balboa.  I strive to help individuals achieve their biggest and best life by focusing on all domains of life. Health requires vibrant physical health, emotional health, spiritual health, supportive relationships, meaning and purpose. I bring a blend of Western, Eastern and Indigenous approaches to help you build a life that feels good on the inside. I hold a BS Human Nutrition, FMCA Certified Functional Medicine Health Coach, ReCode 2.0 Cognitive Health Coach, Third Wave Psychedelic Coach, Safety Trained Kambo Practitioner, Sound Healing Academy certified in Integral Sound Healing and certified to administer the MoCA Cognitive Assessment.  My experience and knowledge, combined with my passion for helping others and my own journey of repairing my health and consciously re-designing my life make me a valuable ally on your journey towards your transformation and creation of wellness. Reach out today to explore how I can help you achieve your goals.

Are you stuck? Is it too painful to stay where you are? If you could create your ideal life- what would that look like?

Big Life Wellness is committed to partnering with our clients through transformational coaching to support their innate wisdom in identifying areas of imbalance throughout multiple domains of their lives, identifying the values that guide long term change, identify goals and create a plan for a return to physical wellness or getting unstuck from the current patterns in life. We aim for a return to vibrant living through exploring all aspects of the whole person.

Disconnect and Detox Immersive Retreats



Health is much more than just the physical body. I am committed to serving and supporting anyone that wants to take control of their health and wellbeing. Being accountable to yourself is the first step in returning to vibrant health. We offer support through individual coaching, group coaching, educational resources and immersive retreat experiences. Explore the site to learn more.

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 I offer services free of charge for qualifying veterans. Please contact me outlining your requested service and your need for scholarship and I will review on a individual basis.

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