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Over the course of my life & healing journey, I have come to implicitly believe that we have the innate ability to heal ourselves with the correct environment and support. We are always working to create balance in our physical, emotional and spiritual states- and when we are in balance, we can experience vibrant "wellness". I believe it starts with basic physical health as the foundation and then building from that stable platform.

I offer a number of synergistic services to naturally address the whole self. Nutrition and overall health coaching, Cognitive Health Coaching to proactively address brain health across the spectrum to clients focused on reversing Mild Cognitive Impairment or reversing Dementia and Alzheimer's. Sound Healing is based in the ancient techniques of healing using the science of sound frequency and vibration to address imbalances in the body and induce a state of deep relaxation- helping to reverse the physical damage of chronic stress. Hyperbaric Oxygen has been shown to safely help repair damage due to many illnesses and injuries such as Vascular Dementia, Traumatic Brain Injury and Lyme Disease.


I am a strong advocate for the remedies that come to us from nature and through indigenous knowledge and would love to share with you my perspective in blending a western view of healing with some of alternative eastern and indigenous healing methods that have been effective for thousands of years. Working with multiple perspectives can create a wholeness greater than the sum of its parts.

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